Affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing Detailed Guideline : Promte Others to Earn

What do you understand by Affiliate marketing? As defined by Pat Flynn, in his article on Smart Passive Income, “Affiliate marketing is a process of passive earning, that happens in the form of earning commissions, as you promote products of other business organization.” The process goes simple. You like a product of some company, you …

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importance of digital marketing

Importance of Digital Marketing for Modern Business

Importance of digital marketing : When you are starting up a new business, the first concern you have is about the customers. The most difficult task while starting a business is obtaining customers for your business. One needs to consider different marketing strategies to get the desired count of customers and sale value. If we …

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Attract New Customers

Top 15 Ideas That Help to Attract New Customers

If you are running a business and not getting desirable number of customers to purchase your products, it is basically meaningless. No matter what type of business you run. How big or successful you are can be determined by the customer flow you have. Of course, customer retention is something we all focus on. But …

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Content Marketing

A Complete Guide to Content Marketing | The Things You Should Know

What is the first thought you have in mind when you hear the word content marketing? You are likely thing of digital marketing, Facebook contents, YouTube videos and similar online promotional platforms. Well, this concepts dates way back to the time before internet, a time when storytelling was a key to marketing. Didn’t we all …

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Video Marketing

Video Marketing : A Successful Tool For Business Promotion

Are you planning to use online videography as your marketing tool for business promotion? A clever decision, I must say. Owing to the statistical reports from digital marketing surveys, it is quite evident that video marketing is the most preferred tool for promotion. From the reports we now know:- More than 500 million views enjoy …

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Twitter Marketing

Twitter Marketing Strategies For Business : A Perfect Way

Twitter Marketing : Twitter has been an important social media platform that has stood as the symbol of social discussion and view sharing since the beginning. This is the platform that has authentic profiles of celebrities and politically important people. Organizations, small business, entrepreneurs etc. are all there in Twitter, sharing their views with each …

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